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Troubleshooter Tactical: Training Thinkers before Shooters.

Training thinkers before shooters.

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USCCA-Buddy’s Story

Buddy Sheppard is a US Army-veteran whom found himself facing the unthinkable following an armed encounter on his own property.

Securing our Freedoms

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." As we approach our Nation's Independence Day, let's take a moment to pause... Continue Reading →

The Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

I was taught to shoot at a very early age, but no one ever explained why I was doing the things I did. My first firearm was a .22 and it was probably 25 years older than I was. I... Continue Reading →

So where do I hide my guns??

There is a growing trend abounding in home protection circles, and that is the trend of having seemingly regular furniture pieces providing a secure and hidden spot for your firearms...à la James Bond or something. You know the drill...what looks... Continue Reading →

Prepping for the Apocalypse?

“I’ll be candid: I’m stockpiling now on real estate to generate passive income.” via Apocalypse Shopping List: Guns, Motorcycles, and… Bitcoin? — Longreads

Stopping an armed robbery

Armed robber stopped by armed citizen!

Rifle Wars: AR vs AK

AR vs. AK?

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