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Troubleshooter Tactical: Training Thinkers before Shooters.

We don’t just train people to shoot…we train people to think before they shoot. As General James Mattis, our new Sec Def, always said that “the most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.” He also told his Marines to engage their brains before engaging their weapons. Words to live by. Even though the average armed citizen is not on the dusty battlespace of Iraq and Afghanistan, the good General’s words still very much apply.

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Train well…train often…train smart!
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The Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

I was taught to shoot at a very early age, but no one ever explained why I was doing the things I did. My first firearm was a .22 and it was probably 25 years older than I was. I learned how to shoot Swallows with it. There was never a specific reason why I closed one eye or why I put the front sight in the middle of the back ones. I simply did it because my dad told me to. As I got older, he taught me how to shoot my first handgun. He taught me how i should stand, how to hold the gun and how to squeeze the trigger correctly. Again, there was no reason why other than my dad taught me. So here I am, 26 years old, and attending the Ladies Only Firearms class, taught by Dale at Troubleshooter Tactical, and I learned more than I thought I was going to.

I am the newest firearms instructor at Troubleshooter Tactical and the only one on our team with ZERO tactical training. The firearms industry is forever expanding, which is why  your education and training should as well. Im not ashamed to say that I need tactical training. I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t know the “technical” terms for even the simplest things. I never needed to look it up, because i just knew. For example, the term used to describe how you stand, do you know it? The technical term is the Isosceles Stance. This simple term proved to me that attending a beginners firearms class can dust the cobwebs off of the things in the back of our minds. Teach us things we thought we knew and open our mind to different ways to approach firearm training.

So where do I hide my guns??

There is a growing trend abounding in home protection circles, and that is the trend of having seemingly regular furniture pieces providing a secure and hidden spot for your firearms…à la James Bond or something. You know the drill…what looks to be a harmless end table next to your couch, suddenly spits out your Les Baer custom 1911 along with two spare mags and your custom Nosaf Raal karambit when some guy busts through your front door while you’re kicked back in your favorite Lazy Boy watching the Golden Girls.

Can you find the AR-15, Glock 17, six spare mags, and the 19-inch Bowie in the picture?

The primary driver is accessibility. Not having your firearms in a safe makes them more accessible for usage. However, having them laying around the house in a random, haphazard fashion is not the smartest thing, particularly if you have children running around the house. Of course, if you have children and firearms…you probably should be teaching them about safe firearms handling but that is a topic for a different day and we know that kids like to touch stuff.

So how do we stash guns around the house in areas that make sense while keeping them secured but easily accessible for when the SHTF? I know…it’s almost one of those impossible Solomon-like problems where the requirements create an almost paradox. Or is it?!!? Enter…TA-DA…hiding in plain sight!! What is that? Well, I’m glad that you asked. I’ll tell you…or better yet…I’ll show you.

The following link to YouTube, IV8888 talks about his new furniture from Tactical Walls Concealment!! These items are in the prototype stages but pay attention to the slick access concept!

Tactical Walls Concealment

The next link is to J.D. Holz of Home Defense News’ article on the subject.

Home Defense News features Tactical Trap!

These are just a few examples from what has been featured out there. There are dozens of others. Even a few of you enterprising and handy folks out there may have even come up with something even more extravagant!

Until the next time friends…carry smart, carry often!




Prepping for the Apocalypse?

“I’ll be candid: I’m stockpiling now on real estate to generate passive income.”

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Stopping an armed robbery

Preventing an armed robbery…


Rifle Wars: AR vs AK

So…which is your preferred long gun platform? The accurate and modular AR-15 or the unbreakable, rugged AK?


Submachine Gun Shooting Training. Outdoor Shooting Range
Outdoors with my AK…today was a good day! 😀
Man standing with a handgun and a rifle in his hands
My favorite black gun…the civilian version of the US Military’s M4.

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